Sunday, May 22, 2011

New I.T. Team Leader

Lee Matthews has been named as our I.T. Chief Informaion Officer (CIO). Other members of the I.T. Team are: Don Moore, Steve Graf and Ryan Miller.

I want to extend my sincerest "thank you " to our new "Information Technology" (I.T.) team for all the hard work they are doing to get us (NCBA) to the next level, and beyond, in the field of computer and information technology. What you see on our brand new, revamped website is just the beginning of what is in store for NCBA members and volunteer officers. Ahead lies a new data base system that will get all of us into the 21st century in first class style.  The new data base will store information and make it possible for our officers to share the information on it. It will simplify, record and store information for every facet of NCBA's programs and services. It will make is easy for those who come along after us to step in and take the reins of the organization and continue on without missing a step.. or a even a heartbeat. 

Lee Matthews is primarily responsible for reconfiguring all the data and information from our old website into the form you see it today, and Lee deserves a special "thanks" from all of us for his efforts.  If you have any trouble navigating the webpage, please send an email message to us at:, and we will get it corrected soon as possible.

Lee and Steve Graf have also been working with Maria Bell, JR Stone, Joey Thompson and other E.C. members in getting our new data base system up and running.

Again, thanks to all who have contributed, and will continue to contribute to this venture. Anyone who has computer skills who wants to join with Lee and others in this effort, let us know.

Ramon Bell, President/NCBA

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