Monday, October 17, 2011

NCBA Butner Hunt-2011

NCBA Butner Hunt: October 15 - 23, 2011

The annual NCBA Butner Hunt is underway thru Sunday, October 23rd. Primitive Camping for all at the hunt campground.

NCBA will provide a BBQ dinner on Friday night at the pavillion at Lake Holt nearby. We start eating about 8 pm.

Huntmaster, Wayne Smith, has announced that this year's hunt is dedicated to the memory of Honorary Life Member Carroll D. "C.D." Liverman. "C.D." operated Pungo Campground where many NCBA annual hunts were held for years. Donations can also be made by anyone, anytime, to anyone listed on the Memorial Endowment page, and will be recorded on our webpage.

All donations and proceeds from the "Butner Hunt 3D Shootout" will go in the NCBA's Land Acquisition Fund in "C.D.'s" name.

Hope to see everyone there...

Ramon Bell, President/NCBA
NOTE: Anyone wishing to establish a NCBA memorial fund for a deceased friend, family member, etc., may do so at any time by simply making a donation to the NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund in the person's name. A special link on our website will be created for that person. A memorial obituary along with photos and testimonials will be published on the website and remain there permanently.

Camp Rules and Regulations:
1- No public display of alcohol.
2- Parking ONLY permitted in the field area. No parking/camping/blocking the flagged emergency access lane.
3- If the gate at the road is closed when you come in or go out, close it behind you.
4- All vehicles camping must display NCBA sign.
5- Please abide by all NCWRC game land regulations. If unsure, ASK!!
6- Campers, ALL GARBAGE MUST BE TAKEN WITH YOU! Leave campsites cleaner than you found it.
Big Buck and Biggest Doe Contest – Thurs thru Sat (Oct 22nd -23rd -24th )
2. Bucks must have 6 scorable points by Pope & Young system rules.
3. Does are live weight, do not field dress your doe. If tie, will take “Green’ Skull measurement score.
3. If no entries in either category, all “registered” hunters names will be placed in a drawing for the prizes.

Butner Hunt “Shoot-Out” Contest
Again there is will be bragging rights for best score in COMPOUND and TRADITIONAL.
Rules at registration area.. All proceeds go to NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund in memory of: Roger Duggins.

ANY Questions:contact Huntmaster: Wayne Smith; 336-362-9469.